My Endeavors, starting 11/11/14 & ending 11/11/15

This is my first time posting about my endeavors. Here goes!

1) Starting at midnight on November 11th, my birthday, I’ll be cutting myself off from social media. The social platforms I religiously use are Instagram and Facebook. My Facebook account won’t be deactivated but I simply won’t be signing in. As for Instagram, I’m going to delete the app off my phone. I don’t have the Facebook app on my phone (never really liked to) so that’s no issue.

2) I’ll be saving $100 a month. By my next birthday, I should have a total of $1,200 saved up from my paycheck. EXCITEMENT!

3) I’ll be watching all 6 seasons of Sex & The City. I love the show and movies but never got to watch a consistent season. I’m hoping to learn a few things, while connecting with my inner NYC Girl (I live in Nebraska now. I need something to connect me back to home).

4) I’ll be changing my eating habits (with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas). I’ll be eating consistently, monitoring my portions, and working out more. It’s for the best.

If you’d like to join me, great! Comment below and let me know 🙂

– Jewel


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