I’m Potty Training My Princess!

I’ve been unsuccessful with this whole potty training experience so far but I’ve decided to take a different approach to it. Here’s what I’ve tried and here’s what I’m changing.

1) So far I’ve tried the Pull-Ups and those have not worked ’cause they’re too much like diapers. I’m helping her quit cold turkey and stick with the panties. – Pull-Ups have cushioning just like diapers do. With the help of Disney Princess and Doc McStuffins panties, I’m pretty sure this’ll work.

2) Her reward has been something called a ‘Happy Dance’. I’m changing that to M&Ms. – A happy dance is something that she likes but she can dance at anytime of the day with me. It’s nothing drastically different than what she usually gets. I don’t give her candy so receiving M&Ms when she does her business on the potty will definitely be motivational.

3) Being consistent is key. It is also something I have not been. – A schedule is extremely important when it comes to potty training. I’m going to be putting her on the potty every hour at 15 minutes after. She’ll know when she’s supposed to go and will be more apt to go do the do, if you know what I mean.

4) I have a seat that goes on top of the toilet. I’m getting a potty that goes on the floor that she can sit on without having to climb up on something. – The lovely designs that these companies offer nowadays are so helpful. I could never wrap my head around how Elsa (from Disney’s Frozen) could help my little princess want to poop and pee. Their methods are magically amazing. Having a seat that’s on her level and doesn’t scare her if it wobbles while she steps on it is a Godsend. Plus, it’s her favorite Disney princess (for the moment). Every little bit helps, you know?

5) My pantie runs (my quick shopping moments when I buy nothing but underclothes) will now include a two year old that will want every pair of Disney princess, Sesame Street, and Doc McStuffins panties she lays her eyes on. – I’m very excited for these runs, actually. It’ll be fun and I love spending time with her. Seeing her go crazy for the very things she’ll be wearing INSTEAD OF DIAPERS will be fun for her imagination and fun for my pocket. Also, we’ll be picking out some cute matching undershirts. Gotta go all the way, baby! She has to know that this is the real deal. No more baby girl. It’s big girl time.

I’m so excited for this. Not only is my little girl growing up but I’ll be growing along with this experience. The heightened consistency will do me some good in all areas of my life and development in parenthood. YES!


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